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Trusted Labour Updates

  • Councillors Rondeau and Schmidt

    We know how the sessions work, we see how each councillor functions, we know that Council during this term has been successful addressing a number of important matters. We agree with the Mayor that Council has operated satisfactorily. We do not agree with the statement made recently by Councillors Dyment, Campsall and Gadoury that Council is stymied and can no longer function in the best interests of the community.

  • Statement from the Office of the Mayor – Absent Council Members

    I am writing this press release as the Mayor of Black River-Matheson. In this capacity, I am the one person on Council that speaks for the entire community rather than a single ward. I am deeply troubled by the recent press releases on Facebook and in the news attributed to Councillors Campsall, Dyment, and Gadoury. It's crucial that I address these statements.

  • Statement from the Office of the Mayor – Labour Dispute

    This labour dispute has gone on too long, and so, the Township is seeking new mediation. I want to share my perspective.

    During this difficult time, our management team have worked tirelessly to maintain basic services to the community. They have done an admirable job. For the most part picketing has been peaceful, except when outside forces gather and agitate. However, the stresses of the workplace are tangible and debilitating. Everyone would be served best by a settlement, as soon as possible. This should be the goal of both parties. Until very recently, Council met, shared information, debated and conducted the business of Council.

  • An Update from the Negotiating Committee on the Labour Disruption for Residents of the Township of Black River-Matheson

    As the labour disruption in the Township of Black River-Matheson continues, we wanted to provide an update to residents. Despite the ongoing dispute, the Township’s staff continue to responsibly manage the municipality and deliver services on behalf of the community.

  • Labour Updates are Planned

    We're thrilled to announce the upcoming addition of Labour Updates to our website, providing you with the latest news and insights into ongoing labor matters. In an era flooded with information, we understand the importance of a trustworthy source.

Facts about the

Current Offer

Key Points

What's Agreed On
The Township and CUPE Local 1490 have agreed on almost all the sections of the new Collective Agreement.

What's Outstanding
Currently the only outstanding items are the Pay Grid and the Annual Increases. The two items are interconnected. We have an understanding on Vacation Allowance increases, but this is tied to the two outstanding issues.

What's the Holdup?
Despite the fact that non-union staff members have a pay grid, Local 1490 is not in favour of having one added to their collective agreement. They have offered to accept the grid for additional compensation adding up to a 15% increase in their wages. 

Why not just agree to it?
While it would exceed the mandate given to us by Council, the biggest concern is the effect it would have on the tax levy. Every increase to the collective agreement will increase the tax levy - about 1% for every $50,000.

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