Louise Gadoury

After working in the mining industry for 11 years at Kidd Creek Mines, I went on to work at Monteith Correctional Complex for more than 30 years.I attended Laurentian University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Psychology and Law and Justice.

My volunteer experience spans over ten years, with organisations such as VCARS, the VGCHI Committee, and the Iroquois Falls Adult Learning Centre.

While I was working at Monteith, I volunteered nearly ten years of my time to serve as a peer member for Critical Incident Stress Management. In addition to this, I worked as a suicide awareness instructor and a trainer-of-trainers for the core programming that was provided to offenders. My spouse and I have been married for forty years, and our union was blessed with two girls. They are now mature adults who have families of their own. At the moment, I am a grandmother to four grandchildren.

I appreciate curling and darts as sports that bring the community together. Whenever I have some spare time, my go-to activities are reading and making crafts.

I would like to be able to offer our community members activities that would improve the overall quality of their lives. There are activities available for people of all ages. In my opinion, one's health can only benefit from adopting a lifestyle that is both active and social.

I would like to keep the same level of service that we currently provide, and if at all possible, I would like it to be even better. It is extremely important for me to ensure that the quality and safety of our roadways are preserved.

I am likewise of the opinion that it will be challenging to strike a balance between our requirements and our budget given the current state of the economy. In order for us to come up with solutions and original ideas, close collaboration will be required.

Phone: 1-705-262-1406

Email: ward5@twpbrm.ca


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